【English Ver】Art&English "FREYJA NO HEYA" from England【JUNE Week1,2】


【ONLINE “Freyja’s Room” from England】
Let's learn art at your home by taking the international class from England.
Artist, Freyja Dean starts an online art class “Freyja’s room” from her home England.
“Freyja’s room” is an art school in Japan which helps children to develop their imagination and English skills through learning art and making objects.
Under current situation, most of the kids around the world stay and spend their time at home. Opportunities of learning things and having communication with others except their family are decreasing. We would like to offer them exciting experiences and decided to open an art school online live version of “Freyja’s Room”.
Artist, Freyja Dean offers you a lesson based on a theme set by each week, and tells you the charm of the art.
Students from any country other than Japan or England are welcomed!
Time schedule is printed only Japan’s and England’s local time, but please join us at your local time wherever you live! At your room, you will feel the atmosphere of England countryside, and communicate with other students from all over the world while learning art.

【JUNE Theme】
As we are all trapped inside at the moment, we need to bring some nature back into our homes and lives. Spring is turning into summer and everything in the natural world is coming to life. You might even hear in my video the birds are all making a symphony of noise in our garden and huge bumblebees terrorise our cat.
For my June lessons, we will be creating plants, flowers, insects and animals to fill our homes and create jungles inside apartments! I want to make things that flap around, hover, buzz and blow in the wind with leaves and petals and wings.

We are planning to have "online exhibition" on Friday 3rd July 2020!
We will exhibit students' artworks made in the class from April 27th to June 13th.
From 1st June, we will accept the photo data of your works, so please keep your work in safe place or take a photo of your work.

Group lesson (30minutes)
※Recommended for ages 5 and up
※Maximum 10students / class
※Please buy a ticket 3days before lesson date
・1class £6.5 (tax include)
<How to join the class>
After purchasing a ticket, we will send you the link for your lesson and materials we want you to prepare for the class.

Week 1 insects
Flapping butterfly
①6/1 (Mon) 8:30am~ 9:00am ※England Time
②6/1 (Mon) 9:30am~ 10:00am ※England Time
※① and ② are same class

Pet beetle
①6/3 (Wed) 8:30am~ 9:00am ※England Time

①6/5 (Fri) 8:30am~ 9:00am ※England Time
②6/5 (Fri) 9:30am~ 10:00am ※England Time
※② and ③ are same class

Week 2 Birds
Bird Feeder
①6/8 (Mon) 8:30am~ 9:00am ※England Time
②6/8 (Mon) 9:30am~ 10:00am ※England Time
※② and ③ are same class

Bird kite
①6/10 (Wed) 8:30am~ 9:00am ※England Time

Rainbow bird
①6/12 (Fri) 8:30am~ 9:00am ※England Time
②6/12 (Fri) 9:30am~ 10:00am ※England Time
※② and ③ are same class


Freyja Dean studied BA Scientific and Natural History Illustration at Lancaster University before her MA in Art and Science at Central St Martins, London. She has also studied Forensic Facial Reconstruction at Cambridge University and History of Medicine through the Open University.
These studies have influenced her work in various artistic fields such as designing opera costumes, character design for computer games, album covers, artworks for medical museums and public art pieces.
Freyja most recently has been working for the Royal College of Surgeons creating synthetic body parts for surgical trainees to practice procedures on, as well as freelance design projects and exhibitions in the UK and Tokyo where she is currently living and working.

【Cancellation policy】
Please note that we cannot cancel and refund your tickets after the purchase.

・Please participate the class at the parent's and the participant's own risk. By participating in this class, you agree that the organizer is not responsible for any harm that may occur to you.
・Network connection may be unstable depends on your environment.
・If your child attend the class by him/herself, please attend with parental consent.
・Class content may be changed or cancelled according to organizer’s circumstances.

Jun 1 - Jun 12, 2020
[ Mon ] - [ Fri ]
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM GMT
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Online event
①6/1 (Mon) 8:30am~ 9:00am  Flapping butterfly SOLD OUT £6.50
②6/1 (Mon) 9:30am~ 10:00am  Flapping butterfly SOLD OUT £6.50
①6/3 (Wed) 8:30am~ 9:00am  Pet beetle SOLD OUT £6.50
①6/5 (Fri) 8:30am~ 9:00am  Dragonfly SOLD OUT £6.50
②6/5 (Fri) 9:30am~ 10:00am Dragonfly SOLD OUT £6.50
①6/8 (Mon) 8:30am~ 9:00am  Bird Feeder SOLD OUT £6.50
②6/8 (Mon) 9:30am~ 10:00am Bird Feeder SOLD OUT £6.50
①6/10 (Wed) 8:30am~ 9:00am  Bird kite SOLD OUT £6.50
①6/12 (Fri) 8:30am~ 9:00am Rainbow bird SOLD OUT £6.50
②6/12 (Fri) 9:30am~ 10:00am  Rainbow bird SOLD OUT £6.50
Art & English Class "FREYJA NO HEYA"